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Near the building where I work in New York City, there is a small park. Inside the park there is a man-made waterfall that covers a large section of the side of a building; water flows from dozens of tiny spouts lined up across the top, creating the effect that the wall is totally covered by flowing water.

Recently, while sitting in front of the waterfall, I was struck by the continuous flow of the water; by its steadiness and constancy. I saw how it blanketed the wall so evenly and thoroughly.

To me, the water symbolized God's blessings, His messages to us. It reminded me that God is forever showering His sons and daughters with infinite good.

Indeed, whether we realize it or not, God loves us all. Each and every one of us. Equally. Totally. Supremely. In reality, we all - Africans, Americans, Japanese, Israelis, everyone - are children of God, made in His image, spiritual and perfect. We are members of His family, governed by one supreme, infinite Father-Mother God. There is never a moment when God, who is good, is not perfectly caring for every one of us, showering each of us with more blessings than we realize.

In a prayer of gratitude, the Psalmist sang, "O Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches" (Ps. 104:24). To interpret these words materially, and see riches in terms of houses, diamonds, or dollar bills, would be to misunderstand their true meaning. Rather, God, who is Spirit, fills all space; we are His reflection, His spiritual reflection. God's riches are spiritual and eternal, not material and fleeting.

Some people question the practicality of spiritual things. They wonder what good something can be if you can't touch it, smell it, see it. Well, the Bible is full of evidence that spiritual things, which are really ideas of God, are actually the most valuable, helpful things in the world. Christ Jesus showed this by relying on God, on Spirit, to meet every human need, and Jesus was the most effective healer I've ever heard of. A palsied man once was put in front of Jesus as a host of doctors and other skeptics looked on (see Luke 5:17-26). Instead of turning to medicine, Jesus relied on God; he understood the true nature of this man to be spiritual, always perfect as the child of God. The man was instantaneously healed. Amazed, the onlookers said, "We have seen strange [miraculous] things to-day."

The miraculous things that Jesus did 2,000 years ago are still happening today. That is, primitive Christian healing continues. Christian Science, discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, explains it. A deeply religious woman, Mrs. Eddy explored the laws of God, which Jesus demonstrated through his healing work.

As a child, Mary developed a deep love for the Bible. Throughout her life, it was completely natural for her to turn to God in times of greatest need. After prayer healed her in 1866 of severe injuries, she spent three years searching the Bible to understand the healing laws of God. She healed countless individuals of problems of all kinds through reliance on these laws. She explained how to heal by their power in "Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures."

The backbone of Eddy's discovery was a radical, yet wonderful, truth: Spirit is real, and matter is illusion. It's interesting to me how much the world is reaching out for spirituality and healing today. For example, religious study groups are increasingly popular on Wall Street, in locker rooms in the NFL, and on PGA tours. A woman in New Jersey who recently won a huge amount of money gave it all to her church, saying, "My only goal in life is to praise God."

If you're wondering, reliance on God does not mean neglecting human existence. Rather, it does mean valuing prayer and nurturing a love of God to make life a rich and joyous experience. In fact, Science and Health begins: "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings" (Pg. vii). These blessings are always flowing to everybody.

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