You Can Be Safe!

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

A friend of mine was beginning military training as a paratrooper. On what was only his second jump from a plane, a sudden gust of wind blew him directly toward another paratrooper. Their parachutes became entangled. One of them didn't inflate. The two men were in a near free fall toward earth, with only a small amount of one parachute inflated above them.

Before beginning his training, my friend (who was afraid of heights) had studied the 91st Psalm. Now, in the 20 or so seconds of falling (which with a working chute would have taken over twice as long), thoughts from that psalm flooded in: "There shall no evil befall thee .... He shall give his angels charge over thee .... They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." My friend grabbed hold of these comforting thoughts and trusted with all his heart that God could and would care for them - no matter what.

The landing was too quick; but they were safe. Both men walked away utterly unharmed. Nearby paramedics were astounded. They had seen no way these paratroopers could even survive such a fall.

Though you may never try parachuting, you, too, can expect prayer to protect you under every circumstance. Even though you and I may hear all the time of various threatening circumstances we each face, it isn't necessary to live our lives in fear. We can learn the practicality of an absolute truth: God does not send or permit suffering. His law of good always governs us.

To find safety, you can turn to the Bible, understand what it says about God's law, trust this law, and stay under it in all circumstances. You can be safe at all times when you put your life - and that of friends and loved ones - in the hands of God.

Daily prayer and a deepening understanding of who God is will annul the so-called laws of chance and vulnerability in your life. This is what it means to find your place in what that psalm calls "the secret place of the most High."

Prayer protects us from accidents, terrorism, and violent weather. It also heals disease.

When I was a young mother I chose to rely on the method of health care that Christ Jesus employed. I recognized that drugs, surgery, and therapy (none of which Jesus used), no matter how advanced and sophisticated, never promise a cure for every ill. I have never regretted my choice to rely on prayer. The members of my family have been quickly healed through prayer of every illness that has confronted us, including contagious disease, food poisoning, severe pain, and even diseases considered life-threatening.

"God is love," the Bible says (I John 4:8). God, divine Love, loves actively. He doesn't harm or permit harm. God governs, protects, informs, alerts. Angels - thoughts from Love - are always present to lead you from danger, as well as to nullify and remove the fear that can blind you to divine care. Turning to divine Love consistently and trustingly does keep you safe and healthy; and your praying to acknowledge Love's perfect, comforting care also helps nullify dangers that threaten others whom you include in your prayer.

God awakens and guides every one of us; this awakening reaches even to the depths of despair, dishonesty, and doubt that God exists. Divine Love is blessing us all, whether we're aware of this or not. Everyone deserves and receives love and care, for God loves all His children. He is infinite, all-inclusive, impartial, forgiving, omnipotent. "All is under the control of the one Mind, even God" (Mary Baker Eddy, "Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures, Pg. 544).

Turning to God - praying - you'll be loosed from nagging fear, set free to live your life with joy and peace. And you'll be able to help others find that "secret place of the most High."

It is God that girdeth me

with strength, and maketh

my way perfect. He maketh

my feet like hinds' feet,

and setteth me upon

my high places.

Psalms 18:32, 33

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