Who Are You?

A spiritual look at topics of interest to young people

Every time you have some schoolwork to do - even if it's something easy - you have to put your name someplace on the paper. That's the way someone else can tell who did the work.

People know you by your name. But are you just a name? No, there is a lot more to you than that.

Who is your best friend? What is your favorite thing to do? Do you have a sport you like to play? What is it? Where is your favorite place to go? Your answers to those questions show there are things about you that are different from anyone else. There are a lot of kids reading this, and no one had the same answers to those questions that you had.

There's more you can learn about who you are. And the Bible is a good place to look. Here are some more questions for you. Use the Bible to help find the answers.

You'll need a pencil or pen for this. And you can always ask someone to help you. OK, here goes:

1. Who are you? (See Romans 8:16.)

2. What is God like? (See John 4:24.)

3. As God's child, what are you like? (See Genesis 1:26, just the first 13 words.)

4. How does God feel about you? (See Jeremiah 31:3.)

5. A book that helps you understand the Bible better is "Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy. It mentions on page 475 what we learned in question three: "The Scriptures inform us that man [you] is made in the image and likeness of God." Now find Matthew 5:48. How does it say God has made you?

6. How can we thank God for loving us so much He sent us His Son, Christ Jesus? (See I John 4:9, especially the last 3 words.)

7. Why did Jesus love children? (See Matthew 19:14.)

Obviously, you are very important to God. God loves you so much that you have been created perfectly. God loves you so much that you have been created spiritually. You can trust God always.

No matter what, always remember who you really are. You aren't just a name on a paper. You are the child of God!

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