How Are You at Homonyms?

Test yourself by solving the rhyming riddles below. Each one has three or four answers that all sound alike but have very different meanings.

1. To 'whoa' that horse,

What it may just pour;

A rule of few,

In the days of yore.

2. I'm where bulldozers gather,

I'm vision and eyes;

I'm why you use quotes,

So worthy am I.

3. I'm green on a tree,

I'm two of a kind;

I'm father in French,

A fruit I unbind.

4. What I did in a carriage,

Or on a train;

I set an oar down,

I'm more than a lane.

5. One to admire,

But not much to do;

A lighthearted moment,

So pleasing, but true?

6. I'll never get up

If like this I stay;

I call the earth flat,

I'm what Homer could play.


(1) rein, rain, reign; (2) site, sight, cite; (3) pear, pair, pre, pare; (4) rode, rowed, road; (5) idol, idle, idyll; (6) lier, liar, lyre.

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