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Spring is bringing color back to northern landscapes. Lawns look like lawns again, and you can hear the sound of new leaves rustling in the trees. The world gets green every spring. But some things are green all year. Take a look at the items on this page. Recognize any of them? Some look bigger than you've ever seen them, and one is much smaller. See how many you can figure out. Then check your answers in the box below.

1. According to the song, being green hasn't been easy for him.

2. Count the stars - that may give you a hint. Then look around for the president.

3. In a jam? Here's an encouraging sign.

4. White, red, black, and yellow; this one's cool, but others are hot fellows.

5. You could call it an 'artistic throttle,' or in other words, an - - - - - - - - -.

6. If this plant were a dog, you might name him 'Spike.'

7. It is much better to eat one than it is to be in one.

8. BONUS: Boston visitors flock to it, and Boston visitors despise it. Is Dr. Frankenstein to blame for this?

Answers: 1. Kermit the Frog; 2. A $1 bill; 3. Traffic light; 4. Pepper; 5. Artichoke; 6. Cactus; 7. Pickles; 8. 'The Green Monster' (left-field wall) in Fenway Park.

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