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HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON - Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum carry this 1957 hit almost single-handedly, as a tough-talking marine and a resilient Roman Catholic nun stranded on a tropical island during World War II with no companions but a contingent of enemy soldiers. Both performances show Hollywood acting at its best - Kerr won an Academy Award nomination for best actress - and despite some clunky dialogue, the screenplay (also nominated) entertainingly portrays two lovable characters who grow in maturity and sensitivity as their story unfolds. Directed by John Huston. Sadly, this release in Fox's Studio Classic series cuts off the edges of the original wide-screen picture. (Not rated; Fox Video)


Tom Courtenay plays a young British soldier charged with deserting his regiment, and Dirk Bogarde plays the lawyer who defends him on the ground that his mind was stressed beyond endurance by three years of World War II horror. This riveting drama takes courageous stands against the senselessness of war and the brutality of capital punishment, leading to one of the most ironic climaxes in British cinema. Directed by Joseph Losey, a gifted American filmmaker whose political views drove him into exile during the McCarthy era. Harmonica wizard Larry Adler, another victim of the Hollywood blacklist, composed and played the poignant score. (Not rated; Kit Parker Films)

LATCHO DROM - "Safe Journey" is the English-language title of this splendiferous 1993 voyage through the wonders of Gypsy music as heard in a long list of countries from Western Europe to the Middle East and beyond. Although the movie's main concerns are vibrant melodies and vivid images of singing, playing, dancing, and traveling, it also evokes the hardships undergone by the Rom people over the centuries, including attacks by white racists and persecution in Nazi concentration camps. The film's only significant flaw is the haphazard post-syncing of its sound. Exuberantly directed by Tony Gatlif and released in New Yorker's International Cinema series. (Not rated; New Yorker Video)

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