Monitor Quiz: Nursery Rhymes

1. If "you're happy and you know it," what should you do (first verse)?

2. What do we use to build up London Bridge, which has fallen down? (Name one material.)

3. On what night of the week do we go "looby-loo" and "looby-light"?

4. How is Tuesday's child?

5. What does Mother feed her kittens once they've found their mittens?

6. Why did Pussycat go to London?

7. What was the weather like when we went 'round the mulberry bush?

8. How many days do some like pease porridge in the pot?

9. What time was it when the mouse ran down the clock?

10. How many potatoes are there in the "One potato, two potato" rhyme?

11. How do the people on the bus "go" as the wheels go round and round and it travels all through the town?

12. What is life like when your boat goes gently down the stream?

13. What does the third piggy have?

14. Did "my son John" have shoes on when he went to bed?

15. Where does the muffin man live?

16. If the looking glass "gets broke," what will Papa buy baby?

17. Who do the walrus and the carpenter beseech to walk with them on the briny beach?

18. Who watches the spat between the gingham dog and the calico cat?

19. What color are hush-a-bye baby's pretty little horses?

20. In "Bye, Baby Bunting," Daddy goes a-hunting. Where do brother and sister go?

21. Where is Little Boy Blue fast asleep?


1. Clap your hands!

2. Silver, gold, iron, steel, wood, clay, gravel, stone.

3. Saturday night

4. Full of grace

5. Pie

6. To see the queen

7. Cold and frosty

8. Nine days

9. One o'clock

10. Seven potatoes, more.

11. They go up and down.

12. Life is but a dream.

13. He had roast beef.

14. Yes and no. He had one shoe off and one shoe on. (Either is correct!)

15. Drury Lane

16. A billy goat

17. They asked oysters (without any feet).

18. The Old Dutch Clock and the Chinese Plate.

19. Blacks and bays, dapples and grays, coach and six white horses.

20. Brother's gone a-nailing, Sister's gone to Llantwit Fair.

21. Under a haystack.

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