Who's Who in the Major Styles

Expressionism - forms distorted to express emotion:

Georg Baselitz

Wilhelm Lehmbruck

Figurative - human-centered imagery:

Audrey Flack

Gaston Lachaise

Aristide Maillol

Henri Matisse

Elie Nadelman

Auguste Rodin

Medardo Rosso

Cubism - form fractured into discontinuous planes:

Alexander Archipenko

Jacques Lipchitz

Pablo Picasso

Constructivism - new materials and processes for new century:

Naum Gabo

Antoine Pevsner

Vladimir Tatlin

Futurism - overlapping forms in "motion":

Umberto Boccioni

Raymond Duchamp-Villon

Biomorphic Abstraction - animate forms reduced to essentials:

Constantin Brancusi

Alexander Calder

Nancy Graves

Henry Moore

Isamu Noguchi

Martin Puryear

Dada - "shock the bourgeoisie," absurdist anti-art:

Jean Arp

Marcel Duchamp

Man Ray

Surrealism - fantasy forms to reflect the subconscious:

Joseph Cornell

Max Ernst

Alberto Giacometti

Joan MirO

Geometric Abstraction - forms combining line, cube, triangle, cone, sphere:

Anthony Caro

Mark di Suvero

Barbara Hepworth

Ellsworth Kelly

Louise Nevelson

Barnett Newman

Richard Serra

Joel Shapiro

David Smith

Tony Smith

Minimalism - sleek geometric forms purified to basics:

Carl Andre

Dan Flavin

Donald Judd

Sol LeWitt

Robert Morris

Post-Minimalism - personal art of tactile materials relating to the body and evoking emotion:

Eva Hesse

Rebecca Horn

Alison Saar

Kiki Smith

Rachel Whiteread

Jackie Winsor

Socio-Political Sculpture - criticizes status quo:

Magdalena Abakanowicz

Vito Acconci

Hans Haacke

David Hammons

Jean Tinguely

Pop Art - ironic commentary on consumer culture:

Robert Arneson

John Chamberlain

Jim Dine

Roy Lichtenstein


Claes Oldenburg

George Segal

Assemblage and Site-Specific Installations - combined found objects and artifacts:

Richard Artschwager

Joseph Beuys

Louise Bourgeois

Bruce Conner

Mona Hatoum

Edward Kienholz

Alfonso Ossorio

Judy Pfaff

Robert Rauschenberg

Feminist Art - objects alluding to female role in male-dominated society:

Janine Antoni

Judy Chicago

Ana Mendieta

Post-Modernism - catch-all term for pluralistic contemporary art; hybrid art using pastiche, irony, appropriated imagery:

Jonathan Borofsky

Chris Burden

Damien Hirst

Jenny Holzer

Jeff Koons

Bruce Nauman

Dennis Oppenheim

Tony Oursler

California Light and Space - total immersion in sensual invented environment:

Robert Irwin

Bill Viola

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