Readers (Mostly) Decry Departure of Cartoonist Danziger

When the Monitor's long-time cartoonist, Jeff Danziger, left the paper recently to work for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, it triggered an outpouring of mail from readers. They told us that Mr. Danziger will be missed for both his wit and for his unique insight into major news and cultural developments of our times.

It was with slight dismay that I picked up the Jan. 21 Monitor and noticed the cartoon was not a Danziger. The dismay turned very great when I read editor David Cook's note beneath saying that Jeff Danziger had stayed with the L.A. Times Syndicate, as the Monitor switched to United Features, and would no longer be the Monitor's cartoonist.

For a dozen years, Danziger's cartoons have greeted me - and I'm certain greeted most Monitor readers - with a daily humor that has been priceless. For that, I'd like to offer Jeff my biggest thank-you. His departure wouldn't feel like such a big loss had his tenure not been such a big gift.

At first, I was so sure that nobody could replace [former Monitor cartoonist Guernsey] Le Pelley. It wasn't until I quit expecting a Le Pelley that I was able to appreciate Danziger for his own style and excellence.

David L Warren

Rochester, Mich.

How dare you!

Allowing Danziger to leave (or was it really encouraging him to leave?) is a decision you are certain to regret.

While your paper has many fine attributes, Danziger's daily cartoon was clearly the best. Both my spouse and I looked forward to every paper merely to enjoy his humorous barbs.

G. J. Gurka

Woodbridge, Conn.

The departure of Danziger must be one of the brightest days in recent Monitor history. Danziger paraded such a mean spirit as humor in his cartoons that it was totally at odds with Mrs. Eddy's mandate "to injure no man." The Monitor will be better for his demise as your official cartoonist. Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah. There is nothing but a favorable response in this subscriber's household.

James McFarland

Okemos, Mich.

I am desolate to read that Jeff Danziger is leaving the Monitor. His editorial cartoons have been insightful, and his occasional drawings and writings in other parts of the paper have been engaging. I wish him well wherever he goes.

Ruth A. Densmore Chardon, Ohio

I was shocked and very distressed to read that Jeff Danziger is no longer with the Monitor. I always turn first to the cartoon. He brought an essence of truth that is now sadly missing.

Margaret Craig

Seattle, Wash.

I love the cartoons you have been printing since Jeff Danziger left, especially the one on Feb. 14! That Grey Poupon was priceless! Also, I look forward to reading columns by Daniel Schorr and Godfrey Sperling. I'm glad you printed the letters on those "cute" headlines. That showed a willingness to print what is not in agreement with your work, and that shows good (spiritual) maturity! Congrats!

G. Bowden

Santa Rosa, Calif.

Now that you have got your headlines under control, what about your cartoon department? What has happened to Jeff Danziger? His distinctly unique voice and style was a breath of fresh air in the windiness of the oped page.

Montgomery Davis


I must confess that I always looked for Danziger's cartoon. He always "hit the nail on the head" right on.

Ethel Marquart

Grass Valley, Calif.


Danziger, the cartoonist, slipped out of our grasp? It's a tragedy! His mark of excellence was indeed valuable. I love the Monitor - and often thank all of you in my thoughts. But you should not have allowed Danziger to go.

Jean Gray

Funny, spicy, and irreverent are the words I'd use to describe Jeff Danziger's cartoons in the Monitor. His work will be missed.

Lawrence B. Schlack

Kalamazoo, Mich.

Jeff Danziger is one of the leading political cartoonists operating today and it was with enormous regret that I read of his leaving the Monitor. As a cartoonist myself, toiling in my own small field, I have always admired his ability to operate under the klieg lights day after day. I agreed with his viewpoints approximately 88.8 percent of the time, but his artistry, humanity, and ability to see into an issue were something I could admire even when I didn't subscribe to his particular view.

One of the oddities about cartooning is that the finest cartoonists tend to be the finest writers. Jeff Danziger is a case in point. His work on the editorial page was the first thing I turned to.

Charlie O. Hayward

Grass Valley, Calif.

When my Jan. 21 Monitor arrived (a day late, as usual), I was dismayed to find that Jeff Danziger had left your staff. I have viewed his work with interest and admiration from the time it first appeared in your paper.

Peter Kiar


Just to let you know - I miss Jeff Danziger's cartoons! He was very much abreast of the times. I would glance over the front page - then turn to the back page to see what he had to say - to draw - about the world today - before reading the news. His cartoons not only made me chuckle but to think about the subject he chose from the day. Sometimes I thought, "Oh, come on, Jeff!" but for the most part I thought he was very much to the point. I enjoyed his articles too. He'll be a hard man to replace!

Thank you for the years he spent with the Monitor - my favorite newspaper. Your editorials are excellent - features always interesting - and I especially enjoy Page 2 - a brilliant idea! Also the metaphysical articles.

Martha Palmer

Portland, Ore.

For all the space given to a review of the Monitor's syndication arrangements - a matter of slight interest to those who get their Monitor news without benefit of syndicated reprinting elsewhere - it appeared to me that nothing, finally, was said about why Mr. Danziger is no longer with us.

That is, no explanation was given to the question of why he would rather sever a longstanding relationship with the Monitor than to acquiesce in some new syndication arrangement. Did it have to do with money? Or did it have to do with the fact that his was the only voice for moderation among an aging editorial staff whose political outlook seems to drift inexorably rightward? Frankly, I do not expect to see any explication of these possibilities in the Monitor. Worse luck for the readership. For me, at least, his cartoons were the front page, mainly because they were almost always amusing and usually contributed an acerbic insight to nation-level policy issues.

I hate writing and more especially, having occasion to write a letter like this, because I love the Monitor (to which I have been a subscriber for more than 30 years and of which I have given countless gift subscriptions).

William Alfred Kern

Fort Wayne, Ind.

I must have missed the notice that explained what happened to your regular (political) cartoonist, Jeff Danziger. WE MISS HIM.

(please check one)

* got the flu

* on vacation

* took his pencils and moved


Helen & William Oshima

Las Vegas, N.M.

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