Sing a Song of Armey

Deep in the heart of Texas, voters let a song go out of their hearts and said, "It had to be you," reelecting Republican Dick Armey, the House majority leader known for using music as commentary. "Ain't Misbehavin'," he reportedly replied when asked for his tune of the day on the way to a meeting after Speaker Newt Gingrich was reprimanded. What might Mr. Armey whistle if asked about the GOP's announced priorities in the Senate?

A balanced budget amendment: "This Could Be the Start of Something Big''?

A tax cut of $163 billion: "Pennies From Heaven"?

Limiting litigation over faulty products: "Don't Blame Me"?

As for one of the first Democratic proposals, reduced postal rates for candidates who stay within voluntary spending limits: "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter"?

Let's call the whole thing off, you say? The eyes of Texas are upon us? Anything we can do Dick can do better? OK, all right, you win. But let it be. Put on a happy face. Once in love with Armey, no one's in the mood to croon the Grand Old Party's over.

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