Your Turn to Endorse!

A week before the election and there's no reason for you to follow our tradition of not endorsing candidates. Just fill in the blanks.

It is a ________ responsibility to choose a candidate in the most ________ election of the 20th century. Times as __________ as these call for leaders ready to stand against the _________ and offer a vision of ___________. They must have a shrewd grasp of ____________, a compassionate sense of ____________, and an unswerving ________. They must be beholden to no one except____________. They must surround themselves with ____________ of the highest __________. They must not only advocate the values of _________, __________, and __________but embody them for all the nation's _____________. They must be ____________ in ____________ relations and ____________ as a ________________ in the _____________ realm. They must never stoop to ___________ or be too proud to __________ among the __________. When they ________, you can __________ on what they _________. They show their deepest __________ by what they __________ not by what they ____________. On this basis, one candidate deserves your vote on Nov. 5, and that candidate - the next president of the United States! - is ________ ________.

*Please let us see your endorsements . On election day we hope to publish a sampling from among those received by Nov. 3. If you reply soon enough to use regular mail, the address is Editorial Page, P214, The Christian Science Monitor, One Norway Street, Boston, MA 02115; fax: (617) 450-2317; e-mail:

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