Don't Forget New York's Other Team

On page 1, Oct. 18, the article "Yankee Fans Practice Their Bronx Cheers" states: "From Staten Island to the Bronx, America's largest city is getting ready, in its own sassy way, for its very first World Series since 1981." Also the caption under the picture in the upper right-hand corner on page 13 states: "The nation's largest city is prepping, in its own sassy way, for its first World Series since 1981." From their context and placement, both these statements are basically saying the same thing - there hasn't been a World Series in New York City since 1981.

Growing up as a New York Mets fan, I have felt many sports fans across the country (especially in American League cities) seem to forget there is another Major League Baseball team in New York City. The above statements like these two don't help too much. Last time I checked, the Mets have been in the World Series since 1981. (In 1986, against some team from Boston.)

David C. Vance

Brookline, Mass.

Pro-woman or for women?

The Oct. 8 opinion-page article "Justice for Jurors Too" refers to the "National Organization of Women." It's the National organization for Women, an important distinction. Monitor editors should have caught that error, especially since the Monitor thinks it's pro-woman.

Joanne Callahan

Garland, Texas

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