Student Poetry

Here are two poems from some of the young students I mentioned in my story. In subtle ways, each gives us a glimpse of their feelings of home - even though the word 'home' is never mentioned. Maybe their poems will inspire words of your own.

New Brother

I remember -

nine months of waiting,

told of labor,

receiving that phone call,

I knew he was here.

Nervously walking into the

white walled lobby,

happily pressing

the lighted button,

anxiously pacing

into his room,

I knew he was there.

Finally, setting my eyes,

falling in love,

holding arms out

and feeling the warmth

of this newborn baby,

I knew he was mine.

Jimmy Trainor

grade 5

The Picture

I am not very big,

just four.

My mother is sitting with me

on my bed.


I watch her lips

move this way and that,

then close.

I look into the book.

There are no pictures.


I can still see the child,

sitting there on that island,

in a forest,

watching the storm,

shivering yet excited.

My mom closes the book.

But the child is still there,

trapped in that storm.

I want to help him.

I can.

I close my eyes.

He is safe.

In my memory.

Sonya Petry

grade 3

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