Debtors Clearinghouse

Game shows started with the $64 Question, leaped to the $64,000 Question, but ultimately couldn't keep up with inflation.

So it's no surprise that the latest such show, "Debt," which made its debut in June on the Lifetime cable channel and has a shot at a prime-time slot on ABC, has turned to plying the other side of the ledger.

Contestants compete by answering pop-culture trivia questions. The winner's prize? The show wipes out his or her debt - whether $6,500 on credit cards, $20,000 for college loans, or a $8,300 car loan.

Great idea. And do we ever have a contestant to suggest! How about Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin?

He's got a modest overhang of roughly $5,100,000,000,000. Uh-oh, that just went up another hundred thousand before we could finish the sentence.

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