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Back in February, we challenged readers to identify 10 closeups of fairly common objects. As we told you then, seeing isn't always believing. Sometimes you really have to use your noggin. But apparently many of you saw and conquered. So now we're giving you a slightly tougher quiz. Here are 10 more everyday objects that - in closeup - don't look as though you see them every day. If you need a hint, glance at the clue below each photo - but not too soon. And if you really get stuck, don't despair. The answers are printed below.

1. It's full of blush and berry pretty. But who wants skin like this?

2. Rub one of these cool cats the right way and it turns into a hothead.

3. It's usually around home, even when it isn't around the house.

4. To unlock this mystery, you have to see that there's more than one piece to the puzzle.

5. If this were a tropical tree, you'd give the same correct response.

6. If you're really hot, you're also as cool as this Cucumis sativus.

7. 'Hiyo, Cupro-Nickel Alloy!' doesn't have quite the same ring. But 'horse' is another hint.

8. This is no purple people eater. But come winter you may wish it'd swallow you up.

9. Is it the Amazon jungle as seen from the air? No, keep using your head - and think of other things that have one.

10. Make yourself comfortable. You may have to sit a spell before this one hits you.

Answers: 1. strawberry; 2. matches; 3. baseball; 4. keys; 5. palm; 6. cucumber; 7. quarters; 8. sweater; 9. broccoli; 10. woven-rush chair seat.

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