How To Reduce Unwanted Mail

If you want to cut down substantially on the amount of third-class mail you receive, the best place to start is to write:

Mail Preference Service

Direct Marketing Association

P.O. Box 9008

Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008.

This association will put you on the "delete" list they distribute to member organizations. (Caution: You may stop receiving some of the mail you want.)

Next, call these other large direct-mail generators, take down the address for your region, and write to them: ADVO, Inc. (203) 520-3358; Harte-Hanks (PennySaver or Potpourri) (201) 342-6400; Val-Pak Coupons 800 237-2871; Donnelley/Carol Wright (714) 538-1122.

For charitable organizations that send you unwanted mail, call them up.

Call the customer-service department of your credit card company, and tell them not to share your address.

For unwanted first-class letters, write "refused" on them and send them back.

And unless you want to find yourself on more direct-mail marketing lists, don't bother to answer the questions on warranty or product-registration cards that ask about your hobbies, household income, etc.

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