If Fannie Farmer Made You Dinner

Earlier this year, the 100th anniversary of Fannie Merritt Farmer's "Boston Cooking-School Cook Book" was celebrated at the New York restaurant An American Place. Chef-owner Larry Forgione and New England chef Jasper White created a lavish historical dinner, circa 1896.

Dishes were taken from the original cookbook (with a tweak here and there), and portions were generous. Food journalists and curious diners feasted as if they had worked all day on a New England farm. Highlights:

* Pemaquid Point oysters on the half shell

* Boston brown bread toast adorned with smoked salmon

* Oxtail consomm

* Rissoles of veal, country ham, and cepes

* Eastern Shoal Halibut sandwich with a hollandaise and a ragout of frogs' legs, tomatoes, and capers

* Roast venison loin with red currant sauce, accompanied by roasted chestnuts, creamed brussels sprouts, and shadow potatoes

* Maine lobster and chanterelle cutlet

* Savory winter squash turban

* Canton Sherbet, flavored with ginger

* Roast breast of Griggstown quail with dressed watercress and cucumber

* Passion fruit and pineapple jelly

* Chocolate charlotte russe with chocolate sauce

* Patch's Vermont Farmhouse Cheddar with old-fashioned corn crackers and roasted almonds

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