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*FIRST LOVE - Hollywood star Deanna Durbin grew up before moviegoers' very eyes during the 1930s and '40s, and few milestones were more important than her first on-screen kiss, which transpired in this 1939 variation on the Cinderella story. Durbin is awesomely cuddly as the orphaned girls-school grad who captivates handsome Robert Stack at a Long Island ball. The best moments come from the supporting cast, including the inimitable Eugene Pallette as a rich old uncle who gets fed up with his own stuffiness in a scene of laugh-out-loud hilarity. Henry Koster directed the Universal production, which features musical interludes as different as "Home, Sweet Home" and an aria from "Madama Butterfly," all sounding pretty much the same once Durbin gets hold of them. This cassette includes the original coming-attractions trailer. (Not rated; MCA/Universal Home Video)

*IT'S THE EASTER BEAGLE, CHARLIE BROWN - Linus believes in the Easter Beagle with all his heart, but the other kids aren't confident he'll save the holiday now that Sally has broken all the eggs and Lucy has gotten as crabby as usual. The animation style of this Peanuts Home Video release is rather drab, especially if you compare it with spectacles like "Pocahontas" and "Aladdin" on the wide theatrical screen. But very young viewers should enjoy its wholesome story and colorful characters. Phil Roman directed the cartoon, which was nominated for an Emmy in 1974. Written by "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz, it also features Vince Guaraldi's breezy music. (Not rated; Paramount)

*LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES - Fans of classic French film will welcome the arrival of this 1949 masterpiece, directed by Jean-Pierre Melville from a screenplay by the legendary Jean Cocteau, based on his own evocative novel. The story begins when a handsome student is injured by a well-aimed snowball, of all things, and decides to withdraw from the everyday world with his sister and a couple of young companions. The movie blends mythlike mystery with suspenseful drama and a keen sense of verbal comedy. (Not rated; Waterbearer Films)

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