Don't Blame Israeli Settler for Hamas Attacks

We find it inexplicable that Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein's 1994 Hebron massacre is listed in the "Chronology of Hamas's War on Israel," March 13. The Hebron massacre was a barbarous attack that was condemned by the Jewish community and many others. However, the chronology's inclusion of the massacre implies that the deadly Hamas attacks were instigated by Mr. Goldstein's behavior. Since its creation in 1987, Hamas has been a militantly anti-Israel organization. Its charter calls upon all Arab and Islamic people to fight a tireless jihad against Israel and the Jewish people in a struggle to oust and destroy "the wicked Zionist invasion." Hamas's anti-Israel attitude and vicious violence have absolutely no relation to Goldstein's heinous attack.

Kenneth Jacobson New York

Director of International Affairs

Anti-Defamation League

Right numbers, wrong percentage

The opinion-page article "Democracy in Russia," Feb. 14, states: "As a result of last December's election, the party now holds a plurality in the new parliament: 157 seats out of 355 (34 percent)."

One hundred fifty seven out of 355 is more than 44 percent.

Les Giermanski Lyndhurst, N.J.

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