No, depending on how choosy you are. Many tickets and rooms are still available.

About 3.5 million tickets of 11 million are still available, including some to key attractions like basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. The average price is roughly $63 for newly available tickets.

To order, call the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games at (404) 744-1996 or you can order using ACOG's Home Page on the Internet: (

Although some previously committed hotel rooms have been freed up, most are far from the city. Better options exist in the rental market, either in private homes or apartments. For housing information, call the Olympic Games Travel Network at (214) 851-4092.

A third consideration in making Olympic plans, of course, is transportation to Atlanta. Most commercial flights are already full, but fly-and-drive options from other airports are a possibility. Private cars will be restricted in the center of Atlanta, so those who drive are encouraged to hook up with public transit at outlying park-and-ride lots.

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