From Agouti to Zebra and Meerkat to Emu There's a Wonderful Time To be Had at a Zoo

Read the signs and ask the zoo crew.

They can tell you if the kangaroo

has a joey hopping in and out.

Are there babies that have just been born?

It is fun to go in early morn,

before lots of people are about.

Hear the howlers, see the quoll so small.

Find the otters short and the camels tall.

See surprises that might make you doubt

that you'd seen this with your




Hartebeest and Hornbill,

Serval and Spoonbill,

Bushbuck and Bongo,

Oryx and Bonobo,

Gerenuk, Okapi.

Chevrotain, Coati.

Kookaburras and a Kudu, too.

Come and see them at a zoo or two.

Can you match the names to the pictures?

Of the 14 animals mentioned in stanza 2, all but the Bongo and Oryx are shown on this page. The answers are below.

1. Kudu; 2. Chevrotain; 3. Bushbuck; 4. Bonobo; 5. Hornbill; 6. Gerenuk; 7. Okapi; 8. Serval; 9. Coati; 10. Hartebeest; 11. Kookaburra; 12. Spoonbills.

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