Post-1997 Hong Kong Looks Strong

I would like to commend the author of the article "Hong Kong," Dec. 13, for attempting to cover the broad spectrum of opinions on Hong Kong's future. Unfortunately, such an effort does a disservice to the millions of Hong Kong residents who believe that post-1997 Hong Kong will continue to be a "dynamic business area."

Hong Kong's status as an international business center remains strong, and the reversion to Chinese sovereignty in '97 will make Hong Kong more important than ever. The reference to China's 200,000 foreign-funded companies is evidence that the country has created a supportive environment for business. As we move closer to July 1997, the 700 international companies that have made Hong Kong their regional base will be joined by hundreds of others that recognize that Hong Kong provides access to a huge domestic market and the most strategic location in the fastest-growing part of the world.

Leonie Ki


Chief Executive

Better Hong Kong Foundation

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