Praise for Clinton's Role in Establishing Peace

The opinion-page article ''In Bosnia, a US Mission Propped Up by Myths,'' Dec. 5, ignores the historic significance of the recent peace accord reached by the Clinton administration. The accord brings at least a pause to the slaughter and misery in Bosnia. The authors' observations give almost no credit to those who have had some success in finding a way out of this horror. Clearly, this administration is committed to efforts to build a peaceful future for the Balkans.

We need to examine what has worked. The ethnic and religious hatreds at the source of this conflict must be kept in check with force, if necessary. In our own self-interest we can't ignore the potential for wider instability and armed conflict.

Glenn Young San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Attempting to bring peace to Bosnia, the Middle East, and Northern Ireland should evoke praise for President Clinton (front-page article ''Vigorous Diplomacy Wins Kudos for Clinton,'' Dec. 7). Peacemaking is much more difficult than providing arms and fighting wars. Wars do not solve problems.

We all should be peacemakers, in our homes and in our world. The United States has made former enemies - Germany, Japan, and Russia - friends. If we can help others make their enemies friends, we will all be blessed.

Frances G. Mitchell Suisun City, Calif.

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