Don't Send US Troops to Bosnia

During President Clinton's speech last Monday, he claimed that the United States has a vital interest in Bosnia and "needs" to send American troops there. I disagree and so do the hundreds of members of the organization that I represent.

There is no threat to the United States or to its vital interests in Bosnia. There is no reason to shed the blood of a single American soldier, sailor, marine, or airman in Bosnia. How can the US offer any pretense of being an impartial or neutral power when (1) it has already bombed the Serbs repeatedly, and (2) it intends to train and arm the Bosnian Muslim forces at the same time that it sends 20,000 troops to serve as "peacekeepers"?

It is time to admit that Bosnia should never have been recognized as a state. It is time to divide Bosnia into three pieces: one for the Bosnian Muslims; one for the Bosnian Croats; and one for the Bosnian Serbs.

Once divided, the Bosnian Croats may join with Croatia and the Bosnian Serbs with Serbia. No other solution offers any real hope of lasting peace.

Sonja Myers


President, TASC (Texas American Serbian Community)

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