Six Possible Grave Sites Identified By US Intelligence Agencies


US intelligence agencies say they have evidence that the Bosnian Serbs may be exhuming a possible mass grave near the village of Tatar. Last month aerial photos showed heavy machinery exhuming bodies from the grave and reburying them 100 yards away. Intelligence officials suspect Bosnian Serbs may be pouring chemicals on the bodies to destroy evidence.

The grave is the largest of the six mass graves around Srebrenica. It is about 4 miles from a warehouse where a massacre survivor, Hakija Husejnovic, says as many as 2,000 Muslim prisoners were executed. The grave has not been visited by the Monitor and is an irregularly shaped trench 75 to 125 feet long covering 2,125 square feet, according to intelligence officials.

Mr. Husejnovic, who played dead and later escaped, said trucks loaded with corpses from the warehouse drove in the direction of Tatar.


Another apparent mass grave exists near the village of Sandici, which is only 1.2 miles from the warehouse mentioned by Husejnovic. An eyewitness interviewed by the Monitor in September, who requested anonymity, said he saw a dump truck full of decomposed bodies coming from the direction of the warehouse and dumping them into a mass grave in the Sandici area in August.

Nova Kasaba No. 1.

Visited by the Monitor Aug. 16.

An apparent human leg bone was found jutting from a patch of fresh dirt near the main grave.

Nova Kasaba No. 2.

Visited by the Monitor Aug. 16. A diploma from a Muslim man and notes from a town meeting inside the Srebrenica safe area were found 100 feet from the grave. The two Nova Kasaba graves are large enough to hold approximately 600 bodies, according to US intelligence officials.

Sahanici No. 1.

Visited by the Monitor Oct. 29. The site consists of a main grave and a smaller grave, which appear large enough to hold about 800 bodies.

(See diagram facing page.)

Sahanici No. 2.

Also visited by the Monitor Oct. 29. Two human femurs were seen on a gravel plateau adjacent to an earthen dam that survivors say was an execution site. The Monitor reporter was arrested at the site by Bosnian Serb police before a thorough search for a mass grave could be conducted.

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