World's Prayers Helped Release David Rohde

In addition to the ''Heartfelt Thanks'' to specific individuals and organizations listed in the editorial Nov. 10, on the release of Bosnia reporter David Rohde, gratitude must be extended to the people throughout the world who supported Mr. Rohde and his release through prayer. Certainly the world as a whole, and that poor fractured corner of the world in particular, have been forever touched by the continuing power of the Christ. May the prayers continue.

Ted Gutelius Weston, Mass.

I've been thinking good thoughts about Rohde and the world, and I was so grateful to hear that he's in good hands now. It is obviously right that he is free, with his truthful reports about the atrocities in Bosnia. Welcome home, David.

Jodie Windal Santa Monica, Calif.

Quebec minorities shouldn't be blamed

Quebec's separatists may attempt to blame their sovereignty referendum's loss on Anglophones and ethnic minorities (''Quebec Minorities Get Caught by 'Us' vs. 'Them,' '' Nov. 7), but they should be looking closer to home. Parti Quebecois should spend more time trying to understand why more than 40 percent of the Francophones in Quebec voted against sovereignty and less time blaming Quebec's minorities for the defeat.

Douglas Beyerlein Mill Creek, Wash.

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