The Right to Burn The US Flag

The opinion-page article ''Fold Up the Flag Amendment or Rights Will Fly at Half-Mast,'' Oct. 13, is right on target. If the flag-desecration amendment is passed, Americans will lose a bit of their freedom. The burning of our nation's flag isn't necessarily to be respected, but one's right to burn the flag and to speak out should be. Some argue that flag-burners are dishonoring their country, but their right to demonstrate what they feel should not be sacrificed for the sake of a symbol of our country. If someone wants to burn the nation's flag, he's not burning my patriotism, just his own.

Jessica Potts Richmond, Va.

Protecting species, landowners

Regarding the article ''Noah's Ark or Nuisance?'' Sept. 26: The Endangered Species Act will be successful only if landowners are made partners in species protection. Most listed species are found on private land, so landowners must be given reasons for maintaining habitat for those plants and animals. Right now, they have none. A bill introduced by Reps. Don Young (R) of Alaska and Richard Pombo (R) of California offers incentives to landowners in the form of tax concessions, conservation grants, and cooperative management agreements. Incentives are the key to winning landowner cooperation in species protection. You don't protect wildlife by endangering the rights of landowners.

W. Hensen Moore Washington

President and CEO, American Forest and Paper Association

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