Rodney King-Style Video Shot

A VIDEO shot by Serbian cameraman Zoran Petrovic just after the fall of Srebrenica may be valuable evidence for the UN War Crimes Tribunal - if he decides to turn the tape over and testify.

The video shows four dead Muslims and dozens of Muslim men who were taken prisoners by the Bosnian Serbs.

Investigators are eager for proof that certain Muslim men surrendered to the Serbs. If their bodies are ever found, it will disprove Serb assertions that Muslim men from Srebrenica were killed in combat, not in mass executions as Muslim survivors say. Four thousand men from Srebrenica are still missing.

The video shows unarmed Dutch peacekeepers and thousands of Muslim women, children, and elderly men crowded around the UN compound in Potocari. Long lines of elderly men, separated from the women, are shown marching to a house where they were questioned.

The videotape also shows Serb armored personnel carriers firing into the woods near Srebrenica. A dozen Muslim men, most of whom are in civilian clothes, are seen surrendering. One Muslim prisoner is forced to yell to others in the woods, "It's safe here! Come to the Serbs!" Another Muslim is interviewed, saying he spent the last two days in the woods and is unarmed. Ashen-faced, he is asked by the Serbian cameraman if he is frightened, he responds "Naturally, how would you feel?"

The prisoners walk toward a group of prisoners in a distant field. The next few minutes of the tape were blacked out by Mr. Petrovic before he gave a copy to Dutch reporter Frank Westerman.

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