1995 Right Livelihood Award Winners

The Serb Civic Council of Sarajevo. It has ''refused to succumb to the ethnic hatred that has so disfigured Europe,'' the Right Livelihood Foundation said, by standing up for Serbs who support ''a human, multiethnic, democratic Bosnia-Herzegovina.''

Indonesian activist Carmel Budiardjo. She has campaigned for more than two decades on behalf of the people of East Timor, despite ''repression suffered by her, her husband, and her co-prisoners at the hands of the Indonesian government.''

The Hungarian Foundation. Begun by Andras Biro, it has defended the rights of Hungary's Romas, also known as Gypsies.

Sulak Sivaraksa. The Thai intellectual has worked for ''a sustainable and appropriate path of development ... rooted in democracy, justice, and cultural integrity.''

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