Beyond Airbags: a Wish List for Future Cars

WHAT features would consumers like to see in future cars? According to a survey by J.D. Power & Associates, they include:

1. Run-flat tires that can be driven up to 100 miles when flat, eliminating the need for a spare.

2. Automatic 911 dialing in case of an accident.

3. Vision enhancement. A computer screen display would aid driving when visibility is poor.

4. Automatic stability control. Sensors would modulate throttle and antilock brakes.

5. Automatic navigation control. The system would direct drivers around traffic jams to their destination address using a computer screen.

6. Electronic driving assistance. An alarm would sound if the vehicle was in danger of hitting anything.

7. Collision-avoidance system. A sensor would warn of a collision and automatically apply brakes.

8. Hybrid engines. Electricity with gas backup.

9. Electric engines. Eliminate emissions.

10. Remote start-up. Button on key would start vehicle from a distance, allowing it to warm up.

11. Automatic pilot. Vehicle would automatically follow the road and drive to its destination.

12. Voice activation. Voice commands would tell the car what to do.

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