Endangered Species and Habitats In the United States

Among the findings in the recently released

National Biological Service (NBS) report:

* Of the 800 or so species of freshwater fish in the United States, the American Fisheries Society identifies 254 as being in danger of disappearing.

* Of the 245 species considered in NBS's nationwide breeding bird survey, 130 have decreasing populations and 57 percent exhibit significant declines.

* The number of amphibian species showing documented or perceived declines increased from 38 in 1980 to 85 in 1994.

* In the last 60 years, the number of mussel species in the Upper Mississippi River declined by nearly 50 percent.

* From 1978 to 1990, coastal Louisiana wetlands were lost at a rate of 17,000 acres per year. Tampa Bay, Fla., lost 51 percent of its sea grasses between 1940 and 1983.

Source: 'Our Living Resources,' NBS, 1995

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