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Dates in parentheses indicate a full-length review of the film in the Monitor.

* NELL - Jodie Foster's well-honed acting anchors this drama about a woman raised in seclusion in the woods of North Carolina. A local doctor, who discovers Nell after her mother's death, and a big-city psychologist try to decipher the ''wild'' woman's unique language while they battle over whether she should be allowed to live on her own or be institutionalized to protect her from the outside world. Although its dialogue and situations are occasionally uninspired and far-fetched, the movie, based on a play by Mark Handley, is generally thoughtful and beautifully filmed. Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson co-star. (PG-13, Fox Video, Dec. 16, 1994)

- Kim Campbell

* STAR TREK: GENERATIONS - Failing to boldly go where its predecessors have gone before, this movie merely serves as a changing of the guard between the old and new Enterprise crews. As such, it feels more like an extra-long TV episode than a feature film. Trekkies will delight in the special effects and playful banter (although the latter disappears, like the original crew, early in the film). But two elements do help make the film remarkable: 1) Brent Spiner's comic performance, as Data overloads on his newly acquired emotions, and, 2) It marks William Shatner's last voyage as captain of the Enterprise. Still, fans shouldn't worry: The Next Generation crew looks quite willing to carry on the franchise. (PG, Paramount Home Video)

- Yvonne Zipp


When three dads try to cope with divorce, their regular weekend hangout becomes McDonald's. Paul Reiser (Donny), Matthew Modine (Dave), and Randy Quaid (Vic) are entertaining as the loving dads, each with a different story: Donny hasn't gotten over his former spouse; Dave falls for almost every woman he sees; and Vic is constantly feuding with his ex-wife. The cast also includes Amy Brenneman, formerly of TV's ''NYPD Blue,'' who is even more charming in a big-screen role. (PG-13, Fox Video)

- Lisa Leigh Parney

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