A weekly update of video releases

* THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE - What would happen if TV's most relentlessly wholesome family lived in a real '90s neighborhood, and never noticed they were hilariously out of step with the all-too-real world around them? That's the idea behind this surprisingly funny comedy, focusing on the gang's effort to raise $20,000 so their house won't be auctioned away by the tax collector. Directed by Betty Thomas, who keeps the action flowing smoothly and with spunk. Shelley Long and Gary Cole lead the cast. (PG-13; Paramount)

* COMPULSION - The infamous case of Leopold and Loeb, wealthy young men convicted of a pointless murder in 1924, has inspired movies as different as the recent ''Swoon'' and Alfred Hitchcock's classic ''Rope.'' This version was released in 1959, when Hollywood was reaching for offbeat subjects, controversial themes, and screen-stretching processes like CinemaScope as a way of competing with TV for viewer attention. Bradford Dillman and Dean Stockwell are excellent as the criminals, but Orson Welles predictably steals the show as their Clarence Darrow-like defense attorney, closing the drama with a genuinely moving argument against capital punishment. Also on hand are E.G. Marshall, admirably cool as the prosecuting attorney, and Diane Varsi, wildly unconvincing as a tacked-on romantic interest. Sadly, this cassette chops off the edges of the film's original wide-screen images. Directed by Richard Fleischer. (Not rated; Fox Video)

* IN A YEAR OF 13 MOONS - The respected West German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder wrote, directed, photographed, and edited this unsentimental story of a transsexual who deeply regrets the directions his unhappy life has taken. The drama is inventively acted by Volker Spengler and Eva Mattes, among others, and offers sardonic observations on everything from business practices to modern romance. Be warned that it shows Fassbinder at his most mournful and pessimistic, however, and contains harsh imagery to match its bitter mood. (Not rated; New Yorker Video)

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