Weak Dollar Draws Tourists


With the weak dollar as an incentive, foreign visitors are flooding America's tourist meccas this summer.

International visitors are expected to pour $77 billion into the United States economy in 1995, making America the big winner in the highly competitive game of international tourism. US earnings will be more than double those of France, the second-ranked nation.

Behind the apparent success lies a largely untapped potential. ''In this country, most people simply haven't recognized the importance of attracting foreign tourists,'' laments Greg Farmer, undersecretary of Commerce in charge of travel and tourism.

The World Tourism Organization estimates that by 2000, some 700 million people will travel internationally - double the number in 1985. But it predicts that the US share will remain constant at the present level of about 45 million arrivals.

- Associated Press

Sales on-line

Executives expect that in the next 10 years about 39 percent of a firm's annual sales will come via the Internet and on-line services, reports a recent survey by the Bureau of Business Research in Springfield, Mass. Executives say computer users will have access to product information, and sales and service personnel.

- Staff

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