Rediscovering Lebanon's 'Economic Haven'

Rediscovering Lebanon's 'Economic Haven'

Regarding the opinion-page article ''Take the Chains Off Travel to Lebanon,'' July 14: The State Department continues to ignore Lebanon, potentially one of the most important economic players in the Middle East.

Instead of allowing American entrepreneurs access to this economic gold mine, politics stifles economic opportunity. Every day, America falls more and more behind as commerce is lost to London and Paris, where weekly news segments rave about the markets blossoming in Beirut. Is it not time that we allow American businesses the chance to rediscover this economic haven too?

Also, it is simply illogical to equate security conditions in Lebanon with those in Iraq and Libya. We, as Americans, should have the choice to visit Lebanon if we wish. The United States government no longer has reason to prevent us from doing so.

Carol G. Chouchani Arlington, Va.

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