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* AN AMERICAN IN PARIS - Pop culture meets highbrow art in this classic MGM musical. Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron play an American painter and a French shop assistant who fall in love despite romantic attachments with other people. While the story is decidedly commonplace, director Vincente Minnelli and producer Arthur Freed decked it out with a meticulously filmed scenic design, superb George Gershwin music, and a remarkably ambitious production number that brings the picture to a delicious conclusion while showcasing the versatility of its balletically talented stars. Screenplay by Alan Jay Lerner. Winner of six Academy Awards for 1951. (Not rated, MGM/UA Home Video)

* BOB DYLAN - MTV UNPLUGGED - The great folk/rock/blues/country musician serves up 12 good songs in this 1994 session for an MTV concert series. All are Dylan originals, and most are time-tested classics of his repertoire; but he makes them sound fresh by playing new tricks with rhythmic patterns, melody lines, and vocal inflections. If you remember the original recordings, you may not like the way he gives everything a country twang here, be it a folk song like ''The Times They Are A-Changin' '' or a rock number like ''Tombstone Blues,'' but his sheer charisma ultimately carries the day. Most important, at a time when much pop culture is under attack for cheapness and sensationalism, Dylan still protests the horrors of war as if he means it, which he obviously does, with a passion that remains impressively undimmed after more than three decades of superstardom. (Not rated, Columbia Music Video)

* THE HOUSE ON 92ND STREET - Released just after the end of World War II, this 1945 thriller - about an undercover agent helping the Federal Bureau of Investigation crack a German spy ring - was one of the first movies to combine documentary-style realism with ''film noir,'' complete with authentic locations and real G-men as extras. The result is crisply entertaining, if not always as credible as director Henry Hathaway tried to make it. (Not rated, Fox Video)

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