Don't Underrate US Students in Global Contests

Don't Underrate US Students in Global Contests

In the article ''Why B-Students From the US Lag Behind European Peers,'' July 6, the author seems to imply that ''academic teams'' from countries other than the United States were dominant in international competition.

This upset me, particularly as a 15-year-old member of a winning team in an international competition. My four-person team from Williamstown, Mass., came out on top in the intermediate age group at the International Future Problem Solving Conference in Providence, R.I. I realize that this is one isolated competition, but I'm sure there are other US students who have done well in international events.

Jonathan M. Sussman Williamstown, Mass.

Empowering women on the Hill

The opinion-page article ''Why the Public So Dislikes Politicians,'' July 11, fails to mention that much of this posturing and positioning by elected leaders merely gives the perception of strong leaders while they actually accomplish very little.

When the state legislatures and the US Congress have more female members, for instance, they will probably accomplish more. Women's collaborative, negotiating, and power-sharing skills could bring a welcome change to our government.

George A. Dean Edgartown, Mass.

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