A teacher's work is never done

As a former history teacher, I would like to offer my thoughts about the opinion-page article "History: Our Worst-Taught Subject," May 12. History textbooks are not designed to be exciting novels. They provide facts and data.

It is the teacher's responsibility to determine what is fact and from these facts present interesting ideas to use for in-depth study. Library reference work and class projects enhance history and make it come alive.

Maybe our textbooks do need an overhaul, but good teachers can overcome these obstacles with live, challenging, and, yes, even fun projects.

It is my experience that teachers today are intelligent, well-trained, and, on the whole, deeply committed to the students and their work. We hear much in the news about how schools are failing to provide adequate learning for students. Unruly students are often depriving an entire classroom of precious learning time.

The support of parents, their backup discipline at home, and enforcement of school principles are essential in the promotion of learning and improved study skills.

Lois Thorson Bellingham, Wash.

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