Militias, Gun Control, and Oklahoma City

The outrage in Oklahoma, and the madness of the perpetrators and of their cohorts, is evidence that the outmoded intent of the Second Amendment has resulted in abuse and insanity. When this amendment was instituted by our Founding Fathers, bearing arms and forming a citizen militia were appropriate activities, but they certainly didn't envision the high technologies in arms, transportation, and communication that exist today.

When respect for and obedience to a country's laws are lacking, only chaos, anarchy, and tragedy can occur. What peaceful and sane justification can there be for acquiring automatic assault weapons? Where will this country's growing obsession with violence end?'' ''Stop the Madness'' is now an antidrug slogan. It is equally applicable to the arms-possession mania that is engulfing the country.

Sara L. Cascio Columbia, S.C.

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