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22nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (NBC, 9-11 p.m., EDT): The soaps' big night is as glittery and high-powered these days as the prime-time Emmys', although for maximum visibility the soaps' awards still need to air at night. This edition's lineup of presenters includes not only some of the soaps' hottest names but also people like Phil Donohue (who you may be shocked to learn has hosted 6,000 one-hour talk shows in his pioneering career).

He'll bestow the Outstanding Lead Actress award; Oprah Winfrey will do the same for Outstanding Drama Series; and Merv Griffin announces the Outstanding Talk Show winner. He'll also get a special tribute himself.

Awards shows of all kinds have been getting wistful and reflective in the past several years, leading to those ineluctable salutes to past glories. This program looks back at both kids' TV shows -- everything from ''Howdy Doody'' to ''Power Rangers'' -- and at programs that have brought attention to social and health issues. Linda Ellerbee introduces the latter feature, focusing on shows that she says help viewers understand problems like sexual abuse.

But the real excitement hovers around the major categories, and questions such as whether longtime soap star Susan Lucci will win her first Emmy after 15 nominations.

The Ed Sullivan All-Star Comedy Special (CBS, 9-11 p.m.): Here's another of TV's nostalgia trips, a sampling of acts from the medium's longest-running variety show.

During its tenure from 1948 to 1971 the show featured, in its eclectic mix, comic geniuses already famous or soon to be.

Some of them appear on this new show, hosted by Mary Tyler Moore, and share stories about Sullivan. Many of the stars (including Jack Benny, Bob Hope, and Victor Borge) are seen in clips not aired since the original broadcast. We also glimpse some of the vaudeville carry-overs -- the plate-twirlers and other acts -- a genre that was soon to disappear from the prime-time mainstream.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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