Nothing Is Unimportant to God

Bringing a spiritual perspective to world events and daily life.

RECENTLY when we upgraded our house, workmen discovered a water leak that had soaked portions of subflooring in two rooms. Suddenly, it looked as though renovating was going to take a lot longer--and be much more expensive--than we'd planned on. Was this legitimate? Did we have to accept such expense and additional inconvenience as a fact of life? I knew God certainly doesn't send upheavals that interrupt schedules and steal our peace of mind, but I found myself wondering if we should even bother God for such mundane concerns.

My husband and I found answers to these questions where we've always looked--in the Bible. We've learned that we can always apply what we find there in our lives. This time we looked again at Christ Jesus' promise in Matthew: ''Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world'' (28:20). Shouldn't we take the Master's words seriously? His message relates to everyone's daily concerns, even the smallest.

We prayed and reasoned like this: Jesus said ''I am with you.'' That means that Christ, God's manifestation, is always with us--not just then, but now. Jesus obviously knew that any problem, major or minor, deserves divine healing. And his teachings reveal that all healing occurs through Christ, the eternal living presence of God. We realized that spiritual power is everyone's legacy from God because He is the Father of all of us.

It wasn't long before we stopped feeling either frustrated or burdened. Another idea that helped us as we prayed came from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science. She points out: ''The divine must overcome the human at every point'' (p. 43). We began trusting divine law to bring needed correction and healing, just as Jesus did. God's allness and intelligence define reality. Since God is Truth, Spirit, and the only Mind, His harmonious creation is the only true creation--the only reality there is. When we consciously accept this fact, God's Christ overrules any dismal picture of discord that mortal belief presents.

As we rejected everything that had no foundation in Truth, in God, we were more aware of God's goodness already prevailing. God's allness, understood, rules out even the possibility of evil. Discord in any form, no matter how small, is illegitimate, powerless, and has no reality, no identity.

During the hammering and restoring, we kept calm by turning to God's constant expression of order, harmony, and progress. We based this spiritual outlook on Jesus' example of composure in the midst of turmoil. So we remained unflappable. No matter what happened, we wouldn't allow anything to nullify what we were seeing of God's healing presence.

It was heartwarming to see how repair services we needed were spontaneously recommended by the men we'd hired to do the original work. Right before our eyes, God made Himself known as provider, helper, healer.

In a few days the flooring was dried and repaired; padding and carpeting were laid. We told the men how grateful we were for their eagerness to get the job done thoroughly and quickly. When we paid the bill, one workmen said: ''I can't believe how calm you have been. Most people would fall apart and panic.'' We explained why we refused to let circumstances upset us, and offered each workman a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel--a weekly magazine that has been helpful to us because it always includes firsthand accounts that prove God's ever-present care.

Wherever you are, whatever your need, you too can discover with joy that God maintains His harmony in your everyday living. You too can prove in your life that nothing is unimportant to God. His love and care embrace and harmonize every detail of our lives.

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