Camera cops succeed at catching violators

The front-page article '' 'Kodak Kops' Snag Red-Light Runners,'' April 12, was thought-provoking. However, it would have been more informative if the author had stated the number of cameras used per intersection in New York for their experiment.

But it made me realize the seriousness of stoplight violators. I feel that the use of cameras to catch these violators should be adopted nationwide.

Yet I'm puzzled why police in Pasadena, Calif., concluded that the program was not cost effective or that only ''3 percent of all photographs taken by test cameras showed legitimate infractions.''

Pasadena should reconsider. New York's revenues from ticketing violators during their 15-month test equaled $7.6 million, and the cameras were 37 percent effective in producing citations.

Let's hope that these cameras continue to produce good results and that more cities will install these devices to ensure the safety of all motorists and pedestrians.

Moss Ingram, Twin Lakes, Wis.

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