The Rush to Blame Islam in Bombing

The Rush to Blame Islam in Bombing

Regarding the editorial: ''Oklahoma City,'' April 21: It gives me and many others with Middle East origins solace to see that in the midst of the finger-pointing by the nation's news media -- directed toward the people of Islam and the Middle East -- that there are some news organizations, such as the Monitor, which cautioned the public before rushing to judgment.

The Monitor's view seems even more commendable when we still see a proclivity on the part of the nation's well-recognized reporters and journalists to create some form of Middle Eastern connection. Needless to say this aberrant fixation with the Middle East and Islam doesn't serve any useful purpose. It only fosters hate and dangerous reactions.

Darius Navran, South Euclid, Ohio

Affirmative action: a success story

The recent focus on affirmative action has completely been taken out of context. Affirmative action is a successful federal program that is only being brought back into the spotlight by Republicans playing the race card once again.

Cases of ''reverse discrimination'' make up such a small number of discrimination cases in the courts today.

By focusing on such a small number, it makes our society look uninformed and out of touch with the larger and more important issues of race.

I encourage people to look at the success of affirmative action, which has created a more open and diverse work force that does not discriminate against minorities.

The fact is we do not live in a colorblind society. Eliminating affirmative action would only prove how out of touch we Americans really are with race relations in America today.

Paul A. Farahvar, Oak Brook, Ill.

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