Pakistan's Role in Afghanistan

The article ''Religious Zeal Drives Afghani Youth Army to Swift, Dubious Win,'' March 29, was informative, but marred unnecessarily by an allegation that the Taliban (the Islamic youth army) ''is said to have been receiving significant financial backing from Pakistani intelligence forces.'' Pakistan, beyond its well-known continuing humanitarian aid to more than 2 million Afghan refugees in Pakistani territory, has not interfered in the internal matters of Afghanistan.

Like all freedom-loving nations, Pakistan joined the United States and several other countries in support of the Afghan mujahideens in the fight for their nation's freedom. Since the defeat and retreat of the Soviet Red Army, Pakistan has counseled all factions in Afghanistan to settle their political differences through diplomacy. This remains Pakistan's policy to see that peace returns to Afghanistan. The author also alleges that the Pakistan Army adopted the ''fledgling movement as a means of opening the road linking Pakistan with Central Asia.'' The Pakistan Army, a professional military force, has only one agenda: The defense of its national borders.

Syed Rifaat Hussain, Washington

Press Minister, Embassy of Paskistan

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