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* AND GOD SPOKE (THE MAKING OF...) -- Two young hotshots are making a low-budget movie based on the Bible, and the majesty of their subject is matched only by the feebleness of their abilities. Arthur Borman's comedy has some amusing moments, especially when veteran goofball Soupy Sales makes a brief appearance. Still, its inspiration falls very short when you remember the hilarity of ''This Is Spinal Tap'' and ''Fear of a Black Hat,'' its worthy predecessors in the mock-documentary genre. (Rated R, Live Entertainment)

* THE BIG NOISE -- Working for an eccentric inventor, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy find themselves guarding a powerful bomb that could settle World War II if it doesn't finish them off first. Made in 1944, this isn't one of the team's funniest efforts. It carries some historical interest, though, since its lack of furniture-smashing and pie-throwing reflects the belt-tightening austerity of the war years. And a few episodes do have the ring of L&H greatness, as when Stan and Ollie prepare for bed in a cramped sleeping car, with the touchy explosive hidden in a concertina that won't stop wheezing away. Directed by Mal St. Clair. (Not Rated, Fox Video)

* ROGOPAG -- This little-seen anthology film is named after the European directors who made its four unrelated stories. ''Illibatezza,'' by Roberto Rossellini, is a gentle satire on romantic love. ''Il Nuovo Mondo,'' by Jean-Luc Godard, takes a foreboding view of technology's effect on human relations. ''La Ricotta,'' by Pier Paolo Pasolini, stars Orson Welles as a director presiding over a movie production with a religious theme and a feuding cast. ''Il Pollo Rustante,'' by Ugo Gregoretti, looks at family relations and real estate. No episode is a major work, but the collection affords a rare glimpse of three towering talents (not counting Gregoretti, who's less distinguished than the others) conquering the special challenges of the short-story format. First released in 1962 as an Italian-French coproduction. (Not Rated, Kino Video)

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