AmeriCorps Story Shows Generation X Mislabeled As Nothing but Slackers

The opinion-page article ''I looked: AmeriCorps Works,'' March 20, should be applauded.

It is a rare occasion when one can sit down and actually read a positive statement about the now-infamous Generation X.

We are not, as many people believe, slackers. We are a generation that is painfully aware of how irresponsibly those before us have acted.

It is our generation that will pay for the astronomical debt accumulated during the Reagan-Bush years.

We will bear the burden of the savings and loan bailout, and we will also watch as our chances for receiving Social Security are slowly eradicated by a government that continues to disregard the future of its younger people.

Our generation should be applauded for its ability to withstand all the adversities that have been thrown in its direction.

House Speaker Newt Gingrich's desire to phase out AmeriCorps simply adds to this list of adversities, a list that other, weaker generations could never have withstood.

Brad Stevens, Chicago

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