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Support Peace In Chechnya By Speaking Out

The letter ''Stop Yeltsin to Halt Chechen Massacre,'' Jan. 11, was poignant. It is extremely disheartening to receive this information from across the globe on such destruction of hospitals, schools, and innocent homes. As a development worker stationed in the Dominican Republic, I hope to build schools, upgrade hospitals, and support local microenterprise cooperatives so that people can have homes, not destroy existing ones. Russian President Boris Yeltsin has no right to invade Chechnya, and the world must be more outspoken in this type of international affair.

If people do not speak out, we must take the blame as well. I am another North American who supports the freedom and peace of Chechnya.

Kristan Almgren

Nagua, Dominican Republic

Playing soccer responsibly

The editorial ''Soccer Without Violence,'' Feb. 8, does not refer to the highly publicized incident in a recent professional soccer match in south London.

After being sent off for foul play, Manchester United player Eric Cantona attacked a spectator who had shouted an obscenity at him. Mr. Cantona was subsequently banned by his club from playing first-team soccer for the rest of the season.

Responsibility for order and safety at soccer matches must extend to the players, who have a duty to conduct themselves in a way that will not incite violence among spectators.

Alistair Budd

Rolle, Switzerland

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