US Still Needs Affirmative-Action Laws

Affirmative action was inaccurately depicted in the front-page article ``California's Latest Revolt: Affirmative Action Laws,'' Feb. 8. Affirmative action was the legislative response to individual and institutional racism and sexism that has kept good people from being able to advance in their careers. The problem is that some groups, especially women, people of color, and those with disabilities, have been unfairly discriminated against.

But the way the issue is presented oversimplifies both the goals and results of affirmative action, allowing one to draw the conclusion that affirmative action is not about promoting equality among all groups of people. Affirmative action challenges us to answer the question, ``Can I work with people who are different from myself?''

Until we can honestly say there is no more racism or sexism, and that there is economic equality, we need affirmative action.

For the privileged group (whites, especially white men) to cry foul over other groups' perceived advantages is ridiculous.

A majority doesn't seem concerned when things don't go well for a minority. Everyone who cares about the economic and social well-being of the United States should support affirmative action now. Sarah M. Liros, Roslindale, Mass.

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