Contract Watch

The Republicans' "Contract With America" pledged that during the first 100 days of the 104th Congress, the following legislation would be brought to the House floor for debate and a vote. To help readers follow the status of legislative items, the Monitor is providing this scorecard. m = Going backward; , = Going forward; r = No action; = Passed FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT Balanced-budget amendment , Passed House.1 Line-item veto , Passed House. TAKING BACK OUR STREETS ACT Truth in sentencing , Passed House. Exclusionary rule exemptions , Passed House. Effective death-penalty provisions , Passed House. Increased prison construction , Passed House.2 Additional law enforcement , Passed House. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT - House hearings continue. Welfare spending cuts r Welfare to minor mothers stopped r AFDC for additional children denied r Welfare limited to two years r Welfare work requirements r FAMILY REINFORCEMENT ACT - House hearings continue. Child-support enforcement r Tax incentives for adoption r Parental rights in education r Stronger child-pornography laws r Elderly dependent-care tax credit r AMERICAN DREAM RESTORATION ACT - House hearings continue. $500 per-child tax credit r Marriage tax repealed r "American Dream IRA Accounts" r NATIONAL SECURITY REVITALIZATION ACT Limit UN peacekeeping role , Passed House. Stronger national defense m Missile-defense plan defeated. SENIOR CITIZENS FAIRNESS ACT - House hearings continue. Higher Social Security earning limit r Repeal 1993 SS benefits tax hike r Tax break for home care for elderly r JOB CREATION/WAGE ENHANCEMENT ACT Small-business incentives r Capital-gains tax cut r Larger depreciation deductions r Risk assessment/cost-benefit analysis r Stronger Regulatory Flexibility Act , House vote set for midweek.4 Unfunded-mandate reform , Passed House. Passed Senate.5 COMMON SENSE LEGAL REFORM ACT - House hearings continue. "Loser pays" laws r Limits on punitive damages r Reform of product-liability laws r CITIZEN LEGISLATURE ACT Term limits m House GOP split on length of terms.6

1 Senate vote scheduled for Feb. 28. Three-fifths majority to raise taxes was rejected as part of the BBA, but adopted as a House rule.

2 Clinton has vowed to veto block-grant measure, which replaces $8.8 billion for police and drug courts with $10 billion to state and local governments to spend as they choose. Assault-weapons ban repeal delayed until spring.

3 In addition to House GOP proposals, House Democrats, the White House, and a bloc of conservative House Democrats are proposing alternative bills.

4 Vote specifically on Paperwork Reduction Act.

5 Measure now in conference committee.

6 Speaker Gingrich now favors a statute upholding state-imposed limits as alternative to constitutional amendment.

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