Memories Need Jogging About Genocide

The claim that genocide has not occurred until recently since the Holocaust in the article ``World Community Needs Courage, Say Leading Critics,'' Jan. 30, is simply incredible. Perhaps names like Biafra, East Pakistan, and Cambodia will jog a few memories. The recent massacre in Rwanda is the third such episode since World War II between Hutus and Tutsis. Southern Sudan, Uganda, and East Timor are among many examples. Unfortunately, the historical record shows that genocide is a recurring human behavior, not one confined to isolated aberrant episodes. Only when political leaders learn to expect genocidal behavior when the opportunity arises will they be in a position to prevent it. Eric J. Klieber, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Even non-viewers pick up violence

I found the opinion-page article ``The Plus Side of the Power Rangers,'' Feb. 3, interesting.

However, I am not so quick to write off the violence.

My five-year-old son has never seen the television show, the ``Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,'' but during the two days a week that he attends day care, he plays Power Rangers with the other children.

Many times he comes home, throws karate kicks, and punches at our dog and at my husband and me.

Not all children are able to distinguish between play acting and actual physical contact. Nancy Turner Katz, Norwich, Vt.

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